Boost your business support with AI

Enable enterprises to take control of their emails, tickets and other conversations, leveraging our AI platform.

Transform unstructured communication
Into intelligent, automated workflows

Gain insights to optimize critical workflows

Get a clear overview and precise metrics on all emails, tickets, chats and other conversations within your organization, so you can make informed decisions, optimize critical workflows and deliver a better service.

Boost efficiency through automation

Our AI platform uses your historical data to analyze messages, enrich them with tags, reroute them to the correct inbox and automate responses, significantly reducing time wasted on manual tasks.

Focus on customers instead of fighting backlog

By adding structure to each mailbox, employees don’t waste time on wrongly allocated messages. They are able to prioritize and bundle similar tasks while having more time to perform high value work.

Seamless software integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Outlook

Made for the enterprise

Secure & 


We are ISO certified, never store data and we encrypt messages to ensure your information is always secure.

Frictionless implementation

Our technology is designed to adapt swiftly and seamlessly to your unique way of working.

Multi language

Our model is created in a language agnostic way, meaning we can detect any language and serve companies on a global scale.