Discover how Tekst integrates with Salesforce for automated Claim and Case Management

webinar - June 20 - 11:30

About the webinar

Join our webinar and learn how Tekst integrates with Salesforce and enables your Customer Service and Back-office teams to handle claims and cases efficiently.

Solution Engineer Wietse Kransfeld will demo how Tekst automates case creation in Salesforce, filtering out irrelevant emails, and ensuring clean reporting. Sit back and watch how critical service claims are automatically detected and prioritized, orders swiftly processed and inquiries routed into appropriate queues.

Sounds familiar?

  • your Email-to-Case workflow is creating too many cases in Salesforce
  • urgent claims are buried in large shared B2B inboxes
  • there's a productivity leak between Outlook and Salesforce

If so, this webinar is for you!

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