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Becton Dickinson, commonly known as BD, is a global MedTech company, manufacturing and selling a broad range of medical devices that span from syringes to the most advanced pharmaceutical technologies. With a client base that includes universities, hospitals, and laboratories, BD has established itself as a key player in advancing the world of health.


The advent of COVID-19 brought an unprecedented surge in customer inquiries for BD, stretching from order clarifications to issues regarding missing, excess, or damaged goods, not to mention queries about payment terms. This influx highlighted the need for a robust solution to streamline BD's customer service.

The company sought an efficient system that could integrate seamlessly with Outlook, minimizing change management efforts while also possessing the capability to handle multiple languages, reflecting BD's global footprint.


In its search, BD encountered Tekst, an AI platform that could provide them with all necessary insights on all incoming emails, whilst also meeting their high demands for security and scalability.

The implementation process was accomplished in a few weeks time, which is in stark contrast with the lengthy timelines often associated with other systems requiring extensive NLP training from the ground up.

"Here in 3 weeks, we got results already!"
Christophe, digitalization manager for customer service at BD

Tekst not only provided BD with comprehensive metrics such as volume and detailed insights into email topics and their frequencies but also introduced capabilities far beyond what was possible with Outlook alone.

Furthermore, the integration with PowerBI enabled BD to link their email data with other company metrics, offering strategic insights to the leadership team.


Leveraging Tekst's AI platform across 31 countries, BD has significantly enhanced its operational efficiency. The platform's Power BI reporting and proactive incident monitoring have streamlined BD's processes, while its auto-routing feature has bridged the gap between the back and front office seamlessly.

This transformation has empowered BD to effectively manage over 120,000 SKUs, marking a monumental step forward in their quest to deliver unparalleled service in the healthcare technology sector.

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