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Poppy is an innovative car-sharing company committed to enhancing urban mobility. Operating through a user-friendly app, Poppy offers an array of vehicles including cars, kick scooters, and vans across three Belgian cities. This service is designed with the vision of providing a comprehensive and flexible transportation solution, enabling users to choose the mode of transport that best suits their needs at any given time.


Initially, Poppy faced significant operational challenges with their customer service management. All customer communications were funneled into a single email inbox, leading to inefficiencies such as multiple agents inadvertently working on the same queries and a lack of prioritization among the diverse issues being reported.

This approach resulted in frustration not only for the agents, who had to juggle up to 50 different types of issues simultaneously, but also for customers, who experienced delays in receiving the assistance they needed.


The integration of Tekst into Poppy's customer service operations marked a turning point in managing their workflow. Tekst's platform was notable for its seamless implementation process, which did not disrupt the agents' existing workflows but significantly optimized them.

The platform provided clear, concise dashboards that delivered crucial insights into customer interactions, enabling Poppy to continuously refine their service offerings. With Tekst, Poppy could now efficiently categorize tickets based on urgency, streamlining their response process and significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

The platform's sentiment analysis feature further empowered Poppy to gauge customer needs accurately and tailor their services accordingly.


Tekst has played a pivotal role in transforming Poppy's customer service framework, particularly within their Zendesk environment.

The platform's advanced features, such as critical path insights, automated routing for urgent queries, and sentiment analysis, have not only streamlined Poppy's service delivery but also deepened their understanding of customer expectations.

This strategic integration allows Poppy to focus on what truly matters—delivering exceptional service and fostering improvements that resonate with their customer base, thereby reinforcing their commitment to promoting urban mobility.

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